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Joint-It Fine product packaging

Important Product Information

Joint-It Fine

For Brick/Block paving where joints are less than 3mm wide.

Joint-It Fine Step by Step Guide

Sweep sand into clean and dry joints
Compact the sand with vibrating plate
Using a leaf blower, clean away excess product from the surface
Wet paving with a light, fine spray
Wait 5 to 10 minutes
Finally, thoroughly soak the surface

Precautions For Use​

  • Always test a small hidden portion of the surface before use to ensure appearance and performance is acceptable.
  • Suitable for lightly loaded surfaces (up to 3.5 tonnes).
  • Joint-It Fine should be applied in dry weather conditions at temperatures above 2°C.
  • Joint-It Fine should only be used with block/brick paving laid on a water-permeable base with joints under 3mm wide.

If you need information about our Joint-It Fine formulation, for safety or allergy information, please download our Safety Data Sheet.