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joint it simple Buckets

Joint-It Simple

Paving Jointing Mortar

For joints min 3mm wide and 25mm deep
Available in 3 colours: Neutral, Grey and Dark Grey.



Unopened, Joint-It Simple should keep for a minimum of 12 months when stored in a cool dry place.

If there is leftover product after use, remove Joint-It Simple from the plastic bag and return the product into the bucket. Cover with clean water. This can be used within 12 weeks.

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  • Ready-to-use
  • Quick-drying
  • Fast Application
  • Apply in wet or dry weather
  • Weed Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Power-washer Resistant
  • Cement-Free
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Permeable
  • Walk-on within 24 hours

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Surface Preparation

Before using Joint-It Simple, make sure that your foundation/hardcore is water permeable, and that all debris has been removed from the surface of the paving slabs.

We recommend that you watch our videos for full instructions.

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Coverage depends on the size of your patio or paved surface and the size of your joints.

Why not calculate exactly how much you will need using our Calculator.

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Precautions For Use

Do not use this product if your foundation / hardcore base is not water permeable.

Limestone, Slate & Black Granite are highly porous stones that should be pre-sealed before using Joint-It Simple. Pre-sealing avoids any natural impurities from being drawn out by the grouting process.

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Application Instructions

Soak the paving with water.

Empty the product onto the wet paving slabs and brush in using a hard bristle brush.

When the joints are full of the product, soak the paving again.

Finish your paving by sweeping with a soft bristle brush.

Watch our application videos for more information.

Joint-It Simple Step by Step Guide


Foundation / base must be water permeable. Use compacted hardcore 100-150mm deep. Allow space for 50mm sand and cement and the depth of your paving slab on top.


Use a sharp gritty sand. To see what sharp gritty sand looks like – watch Video One.


Sand and Cement mix must be used in ratio of 1 measure of cement to 6 measures of sand. Mixture will be semi-dry.

Joint Depth

Joints must be a minimum of 25mm deep.

Joint Width

Joints must be a minimum of 3mm wide.


Clean the paving and remove all dust and debris from the joints before you apply Joint-It Simple.

FAQs: Joint-It Simple

Joint-It Simple is a water permeable, cement-free, ready-mixed paving jointing compound made from a mixture of specialist, non-hazardous, sands and glues.

Technically, Joint-It Simple is a compound and is different to a traditional paving mortar or grout because of the type of glue used.  However, the terms mortar and grout are commonly used to describe many ready-mixed paving jointing products, including our unique Joint-It Simple.

Joint-It Simple comes in 3 colours – Neutral, Grey and Dark Grey. The lid on each bucket and a tick on the colour indicator on the side of each bucket of Joint-It Simple indicates the colour of the product inside.

Examples of a variety of natural stone paving can be viewed on our website with each colour of Joint-It Simple.

Joint-It Simple is used to fill the joints between natural stone and concrete paving slabs.

Contact with air makes Joint-It Simple harden which is why you must use plenty of water on your paving slabs before you open and tip-out the bag. Wet paving slabs prevent Joint-It Simple from penetrating into porous natural stone.

With Joint-It Simple you must use water.

The paving slabs must be wet before you tip out the product, otherwise Joint-It Simple may accentuate any natural discolouration in your paving slabs.

This is why Joint-It Simple can be applied in the rain, as well as in dry weather.

In cases where insufficient water has been used, Joint-It Simple may leave a residue that accentuates any natural discolouration in the stone.

This residue should weather-off over a period of 3-6 months. To avoid any potential problems when using Joint-It Simple, please watch our step-by-step video guide before you use our product.

Yes, provided the foundation is water permeable and the joints meet the minimum recommended width and depth (see above).

Joint-It Simple’s cement-free formulation is kinder to the environment than using a traditional sand and cement mixture. Your patio can be finished more quickly, and the jointing can be completed even if it is a wet day.

Contact with air makes Joint-It Simple harden which is why you must use plenty of water on your paving slabs before you open and tip-out the bag. Wet paving slabs prevent Joint-It Simple from penetrating into porous natural stone.

Being ‘water permeable’ is very important because it means that water/rain won’t lodge on your patio; it will drain down through the joints that have been jointed with Joint-It Simple to prevent your patio from flooding. Rain won’t crack the joints between your paving slabs which is why we say that Joint-It Simple is weed resistant.

If you decide to power-wash your patio, the water won’t lift Joint-It Simple out of the joints once the manufacturers’ guidelines have been met  – it will drain down through the joints, which is why we say that Joint-It Simple is power-washer resistant.

We recommend that you avoid using a power-washer on your paving for a minimum of 30 days after applying Joint-It Simple.