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paver cleaner


Joint-It So Clean

Also suitable for use on natural stone and concrete paths, driveways, roof tiles and walls.

Joint-It So Clean Step by Step Guide

Apply product using a spray or watering can to saturate surface. On walls / vertical surfaces, start to spray from the bottom of the wall in an upwards direction to avoid product running.
Visible improvement after 24 hours.
If your surface is heavily soiled, apply product as above and work it into the surface with a hard brush.
Wait 30 minutes.
Power-wash treated area.
Reapply Joint-It So Clean using a watering can or spray.
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  • Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.
  • Corrosive.
  • Contains: Ethoxyulated Alcohols, quaternary Ammonium Compounds

If you need information about our Joint-It® So Clean formulation, for safety or allergy information, please download our Safety Data Sheet.