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High Performance Patio & Driveway Products

The Newest Innovation in Porcelain Grouting
Dirt resistant, highly durable grout for porcelain patios
Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout
Secure Paving Slabs Long Term
An extremely high strength bonding priming slurry for your patio
Joint-It Slurry Primer
Say Goodbye To Green, Dirty Patios & Driveways
Powerfully effective patio cleaner for algae, mould & moss
Joint-It Algae Remover

Create the Ultimate Patio & Driveway Project

Unlock the Ultimate Paving Experience with Joint-It 

Every Joint-It product is formulated to deliver a professional quality result, whether that’s to grout, clean, seal or enhance the colour of your porcelain, natural stone or concrete paving.

Developed by professional paving contractors for professional paving contractors and landscapers, our Specialist Hardscape Product Range delivers the exceptional results that our customers have come to expect.

For newly laid patios and driveways, choosing a non-staining grout, such as Joint-It Simple or Joint-It Fine, (depending on joint size), maintains the integrity of your beautiful natural stone or brick paved area.

For existing patios and brick/block paved driveways, the annual chore of cleaning and weeding can be dispiriting. Using our Joint-It So Clean product removes dirt and stains to leave your patio looking like new again.

Follow-up with either our Supreme Colour Enhancer or Premium Sealer and you can be sure your patio or driveway is protected from the elements, and day-to-day spills, for 3-5 years. (Actual duration of product efficacy depends on local weather conditions).

Quick to apply and ready-to-use, all of our expert hardscape products are the best possible combination of advanced technological formulations and environmentally-friendly raw materials, with the promise of a strong and effective solution.

Join the Joint-It Revolution

We are committed to standing out from the crowd by developing products unlike anything else on the market. Join the growing community of homeowners who have chosen Joint-It to transform their patios & gardens into stunning masterpieces. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we’re confident that you’ll achieve the stunning results you desire for your outdoor spaces.


Some people believe that ‘green credentials’ mean that a product delivers inferior results.

The Joint-It range of environmentally-friendly products is scientifically formulated to be strong and effective and live up to our promise of first class results.

We are proud of our ‘Green Halo’. We are committed to doing our part to protect our environment.


A bad grout choice can ruin a great patio or driveway.

Our ready-to-use Joint-It Simple mortar for patios, and Joint-It Fine sand for driveways, save money, time and labour.

Our innovative Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout is a waterproof, mildew resistant grout specifically designed for porcelain and NEW Joint-It Dynamic is your two-part resin paving jointing solution for rock hard joints for all types of paving.


Everything looks better when it’s freshly cleaned.

Our multi-purpose So Clean product brings out the natural beauty of your stone or concrete paving, and it works on walls, paths and roof tiles too.

Our green removing Joint-It Algae Remover product is tough on algae, mould, moss & lichen.


Porous natural stone and concrete surfaces absorb everyday pollutants and grime.

Our Premium Seal resists stains and weeds, locking out dirt, with an eco-friendly formulation that is strong and effective for long-lasting results.


A faded patio or driveway makes your garden look boring and dull.

Our Supreme Colour Enhancer intensifies the natural colour of your stone or concrete paving slabs, making everything look like new again.



Packaging of joint-it-simple

Joint-It Simple Paving Jointing Grout

For joints min 3mm wide and 25mm deep

Weed resistant natural sand for block paving, now eco friendly

Joint-It Fine Paving Sand

For Block Paving Joints less than 3mm wide

Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout and tools

Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout

Super high strength epoxy grout for porcelain paving

Joint-It Dynamic

Two-part resin paving jointing system


joint-it-premium-seal packaging

Joint-It Premium Seal

For Natural Stone & Concrete Surfaces including paving, paths, roof tiles and walls

joint-it-supreme-colour-enhancer packaging

Joint-It Supreme Colour Enhancer

For Natural Stone & Concrete Surfaces including paving, paths, roof tiles and walls

Joint-It Pro Seal

For Natural Stone & Concrete Surfaces including paving, paths, roof tiles and walls

Priming & Cleaning

High strength priming slurry for porcelain, natural stone & concrete paving 

joint-it-so-clean packaging

Joint-It So Clean

Multi-purpose cleaner for Natural Stone & Concrete Surfaces including paving, paths, roof tiles and walls


Joint-It Algae Remover

Effective removal of algae, moss, lichen and mould

At Joint-It, we manufacture our own products because we understand the demands faced by paving contractors and landscapers every day. Our professional range of products are formulated to deliver long-lasting results, and we are always available to discuss hardscape jobs before, during and after application.

The Joint-It Story


Today, Joint-It is an award winning enterprise with export sales to more than 10 countries and a range of professional hardscape products.

For the first three years, the company developed and refined their first product, Joint-It Simple, completing their R&D phase and starting production in 2014 from Gary’s homeplace in Ballyglunin, Co. Galway.