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Joint-It Premium Seal

Long lasting protection for patios and driveways

Joint-It Premium Seal Step By Step Guide

Step 1 

  Apply product using a low pressure spray, roller or brush to vertical / horizontal surfaces to the point of saturation.

Step 2

If required, add a second coat while the first coat is still wet.

Do not apply a second coat if the first coat has already dried.

FAQ’S: Joint-It Premium Seal


Joint-It Premium Seal is an eco-friendly, powerful and effective sealer for natural stone and concrete surfaces, including paving, paths, roof tiles and walls.

  • Ready-to-use formulation
  • Stain Resistant
  • Quick Drying
  • Breathable
  • Long lasting
  • Keeps surfaces looking new
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-film forming
  • Suitable for surfaces with heavy foot traffic
  • Prevents weakening of surfaces through recurring Freeze/Thaw cycles
  • Does not change the appearance of the surface
  • Repels moss and lichen formation on surface

No, Joint-It Premium Seal is invisible and does not change the appearance of the surface.

Sealing your surfaces stops dirt and contaminants from penetrating the stone. It prevents weakening of the surface and keeps it looking new.

Joint-It Premium Seal is IN the surface not ON it, and the dirt is ON the stone not IN it. The dirt will never penetrate the stone once Joint-It Premium Seal has been applied, but occasionally you may need to clean the top of the stone – this will be much easier because the surface has been treated.

This is not the case. There is no reason to wait for efflorescence to come through. Once you have applied Joint-It Premium Seal, the water in the sealer pulls the efflorescence out of the stone. When this happens, you can simply brush it off. Now that you have sealed your surface, there is no moisture present to activate the natural salts, and efflorescence should not occur again!

Joint-It Premium Seal can be used immediately after you have finished the jointing process. There is no reason to wait for weeks or months. Our product is completely breathable so the stone can dry during and after the sealing process.

Coverage depends on the porosity, type and texture of the surface. All surfaces must be treated to saturation in 1-3 applications to ensure 100% efficacy of product. This varies with the substrate, however treating a small hidden area is recommended to calculate true consumption.

General coverage guideline:

  • Architectural concrete: 5 m²/l
  • Block paving: 5-8 m²/l
  • Porous natural stone (limestone, sandstone, slate): 2-5 m²/l
  • Low porosity stone (granite, marble, terracotta): 8-16 m²/l

We recommend using Joint-It Premium Seal prior to laying paving where you are using Slate, Black/Blue Limestone & Honed Black Granite. These highly porous stones would benefit from being pre-sealed to prevent drawing any of the colour of Joint-It Simple into the stone.

As soon as the surface is visibly dry it is safe to traffic, 4 hours is the norm in dry conditions.

The product is completely water based and VOC free, formulated using chemically inert materials.

It is manufactured to ISO-9001: 2015 Quality management system and ISO-14001: 2015 Environmental management system. It is BBA Approved and CE Marked to BS-EN 1504-2.


Remove all surface contamination. Surfaces should be completely dry, clean and free from dust, dirt, oil, efflorescence, organic growth, coatings sealers and old paint films. All algae and mould should be treated and removed prior to application. Cracks in the surface should be repaired before use.

Do not apply in wet, damp conditions or if rain is expected in 4 hours of application.

No. All previous coatings and treatments must be removed prior to using Joint-It Premium Seal. Due to the nature of sealers, Joint-It Premium Seal cannot be absorbed if there is an existing product in the surface.

If you’re not sure if the surface has been treated, pour a steady stream of water onto the surface. If the water absorbs into the surface, there is no sealer present and you can use Joint-It Premium Seal. If the water forms droplets on the surface, this means the substrate contains a sealer. This must be removed prior to applying Joint-It Premium Seal.

Do not apply Joint-It Premium Seal if rain is expected within 4 hours. Product works immediately but it may take up to 7 days to reach 100% efficacy.

Do not apply a second coat if initial coat has dried.

Do not apply during rain or frost or when temperature is below 5℃ or above 30℃.

Wear protective gloves, glasses and appropriate clothing while using Joint-It Premium Seal.

Keep pets and children away until surface has completely dried.

Keep out of reach of children.

  • Substrate temperature must be between 5℃ and 30℃.
  • Ambient temperature must be between 5℃ and 30℃.
  • Substrate moisture must be less than 5%.

Yes, we recommend using Joint-It So Clean to thoroughly clean your surface before applying Joint-It Premium Seal. To achieve full penetration into the pores of the surface, dirt and stains need to be removed.


Always test a small hidden area before beginning works. DO NOT DILUTE THIS PRODUCT.

Using a low-pressure spray, roller or brush, apply product to the point of saturation. Ensure application is from bottom to top on vertical surfaces. Take care not to let the product run. As the product starts to soak into the substrate, add a second coat, if required. DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO DRY BETWEEN APPLICATIONS. Product will start to work immediately but may take up to 7 days to reach 100% efficacy.

Clean equipment and tools immediately with water after you have finished.


No, Joint-It Premium Seal will not work on non-porous surfaces. This product must be absorbed into the substrate to work, and porcelain has almost no absorbency.

No. Joint-It Premium Seal cannot be used if rain is expected within 4 hours.


Keep in a dry place between 5℃ and 30℃ in the original container.

Immediately after you have finished treating the surface, clean all tools and equipment with water.

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