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Lee Wilson
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Fantastic product! Quick and easy to use and looks fantastic. Excellent value for money. Customer service was next level, quick replies and personalised service.
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I used Joint It Simple on my Indian Sandstone Patio. I followed Gary's tutorial video showing you step by step how to use the Joint It Simple. I am delighted with the result. It looks like a new patio. It is a fantastic product.
Kieran Collins
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Great product, Service and Technical Support. Used on 115m2 of Liscannor Flagstone Paving. Sealed Paving first with the Premium Seal and Jointed it the following day with Joint It Simple Light Grey. Outstanding results, Highly recommended
Jack Albion
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Great product and good quality customer service, far superior than other company’s on the market. Been using this for quite some time now and will continue to use Only Joint it!
Derek Corcoran
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I've used joint-it simple on numerous patio's now from sandstone to limestone to porcelain and I find it a fantastic product. It really speeds up the finish of a patio compared to traditional methods.
Evo Geord
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Almost 12 months ago I used some of it and it could not have been any easier. Throw it down, keep it wet and just brush it in, piece of cake. Finished off with the remainder over last few weeks and I am more than happy with the result. Fantastic product, thank you Joint it for saving my back and knees I would definitely recommend
Bernard Campbell
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I used Joint-It Simple many years ago and it still looks in perfect condition. I have followed the simple guidelines and maintenance plan and the results are 100%. Excellent product, would highly recommend.
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joint-It simple, nice durable strong product, just light power washed my patio after a year, and now applied the Joint-It premium seal looks amazing, Would highly recommend this product.
Alfred Comparini
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First time using Joint-it simple, to say I was impressed with the product would be an understatement. I viewed the easy to follow tutorial video, I must admit I was sceptical on how easy Gary made it look. How wrong was I, anyone who can use a broom can achieve a fantastic finish to their laid patio, it is that simple.
Steve Ball
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Three years later the joint grouting still looks great and I’m particularly impressed that there has been no plants growing through the joints unlike my previous patio. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joint-It.


Joint-It Elite

For joints at least 2mm wide and 18mm deep

Joint-It Simple Step by Step Guide

laying pavers with joint it simple

Soak with Water

You must soak your finished paving with water before you open your bucket of Joint-It Simple.

Keep the paving soaked with water while you work. Do not allow the paving to dry as you work with the product. Keep re-wetting the paving as you work.

How to open & stgore joint it simple

Open Joint-It Simple

The product is vacuum packed tightly inside the bag.

Open the bag and tip the product out onto your wet paving.

applying joint it simples to paving slabs

 Applying Joint-It Simple

Use a hard bristle brush to work the product into the joints. You must soak your paving with water before you start to sweep Joint-It Simple into the joints.

Keep the paving soaked with water while you work. Do not allow the paving to dry as you work. Keep re-wetting the paving as you work with the product.

activating joint it simple by wetting it

Soak Again

When all of the joints are full of product, and the paving looks like this, then soak the paving again with water.

Allow the paving and product to dry. Depending on weather conditions, this will take between 15 and 45 minutes approximately.

Brushing jointing mortar compound inbetween pavers

Sweep in Joint-It Simple

Using a soft bristle brush, sweep over the paved area and top up joints with product until all of the joints are completely full.

Sweep up and remove any excess product.

FAQ’S: Joint-It Simple


Joint-It Simple is a water permeable, cement-free, ready-mixed paving jointing compound made from a mixture of specialist, non-hazardous, sands and glues.

Technically, Joint-It Simple is a compound and is different to a traditional paving mortar or grout because of the type of glue used.  However, the terms mortar and grout are commonly used to describe many ready-mixed paving jointing products, including our unique Joint-It Simple.

Joint-It Simple comes in 4 colours – Neutral, Grey, Dark Grey and Black. The colour of the lid on a bucket of Joint-It Simple indicates the colour of the product inside.

Examples of a variety of natural stone paving can be viewed on our website with each colour of Joint-It Simple.

Joint-It Simple is used to fill the joints between natural stone and concrete paving slabs.

Contact with air makes Joint-It Simple harden which is why you must use plenty of water on your paving slabs before you open and tip-out the bag. Wet paving slabs prevent Joint-It Simple from penetrating into porous natural stone.

With Joint-It Simple you must use water.

The paving slabs must be wet before you tip out the product, otherwise Joint-It Simple may accentuate any natural discolouration in your paving slabs.

This is why Joint-It Simple can be applied in the rain, as well as in dry weather.

In cases where insufficient water has been used, Joint-It Simple may leave a residue that accentuates any natural discolouration in the stone.

This residue should weather-off within a few weeks. Sometimes this can take longer depending on the type of stone used, and whether there was enough water used during the application. There is no need to be concerned, as this will fade and the stone will return to its original colour. 

To avoid any potential problems when using Joint-It Simple, please watch our step-by-step video guide before you use our product.

Different stone types can have slightly varied reactions. Some stone is more porous than others. Please don’t be alarmed if there is any slight colour enhancement on your slabs as this will disappear after a few weeks. If you still have concerns please contact us and we will reassure you. 

Yes, provided the foundation is water permeable and the joints meet the minimum recommended width and depth (see above).

Joint-It Simple’s cement-free formulation is kinder to the environment than using a traditional sand and cement mixture. Your patio can be finished more quickly, and the jointing can be completed even if it is a wet day.


Contact with air makes Joint-It Simple harden which is why you must use plenty of water on your paving slabs before you open and tip-out the bag. Wet paving slabs prevent Joint-It Simple from penetrating into porous natural stone.

Being ‘water permeable’ is very important because it means that water/rain won’t lodge on your patio; it will drain down through the joints that have been jointed with Joint-It Simple to prevent your patio from flooding. Rain won’t crack the joints between your paving slabs which is why we say that Joint-It Simple is weed resistant.

If you decide to power-wash your patio, the water won’t lift Joint-It Simple out of the joints once the manufacturers’ guidelines have been met  – it will drain down through the joints, which is why we say that Joint-It Simple is power-washer resistant.

We recommend that you avoid using a power-washer on your paving for a minimum of 30 days after applying Joint-It Simple.

Visit our store locator, enter your postcode, and select a desired radius from where you live. You may need to increase the radius depending on where you live. 

If there is no stockist local to you, there is a large number of stockists who sell Joint-It Simple online, just search the product in your search engine and you will discover lots of online retailers. 

Alternatively, contact us at and we would be more than happy to help you. 



Yes, absolutely! All of our stockists have a supply of colour samples that you can take home with you, free of charge. Just ask!

Yes absolutely, but please email us first so that we can discuss your job with you to ensure that you get the best results.

Yes, absolutely. As long as the joints are a minimum of 3mm wide and 20mm deep, and that the base is water permeable.

If you are laying a solid base, or the joints are smaller, we would recommend Joint-It Porcelain Epoxy Grout which is specifically designed for porcelain paving.

Joint-It Simple is a 97% natural, eco-friendly, non toxic product. However, we do recommend that you keep all pets and young children away from application area, as the product may be harmful if ingested. 24 hours after application we could recommend opening the area for access again. 

In some cases there can be a slight smell from the product while it’s curing. This is not harmful and will fade.


We strongly recommend that you watch our application video before you start the foundations for your paving. 

The single most important thing to remember when using Joint-It Simple is that you must keep the paving soaked with clean water as you work.

If you are working by yourself, work on small areas and keep wetting the paving as you joint your paved area.  Ideally, ask someone else to keep wetting the paving for you as you work.

Remember, you must keep the paving saturated as you brush in the product.

Adding lots of water does not weaken Joint-It Simple because the product is water permeable. It is not possible to add too much water.

Not using enough water on the paving, especially in warm weather, dries out the product too quickly before it has been brushed into the joints.

Again, please take note to keep the paving wet at all times when brushing Joint-It Simple into joints.

To get the best results with Joint-It Simple, your foundation must also be water permeable.  This means using a compacted hardcore foundation approximately 100-150mm / 4-6” (inches) deep. Space must be left to allow for 50mm / 2” (inches) of sand and cement and the depth of your paving slab to sit on top of the foundation.

The sand and cement layer, on top of the hardcore, must use 6 measures of sand to 1 measure of cement and the mixture should be semi-dry.

We recommend that you watch our step-by-step video guide before you start laying your foundation.

We recommend using Joint-It Premium Seal prior to laying paving where you are using Slate, Black/Blue Limestone & Honed Black Granite. These highly porous stones would benefits from being pre-sealed to prevent drawing any of the colour of Joint-It Simple into the stone.

If you have any overhanging flowers they should be tied back before you wet your paving ahead of applying Joint-It Simple.

This prevents any dye from the flower petals transferring to the paving while it is being soaked with water.

If insufficient water has been used, the slabs may draw the product into the stone causing a temporary colour enhancement. This colour enhancement can take up to 12-16 weeks to fade. 

While it is important to soak the paving before applying Joint-It Simple, it is equally important to keep it wet, particularly where you are working on a large area (one area might dry out by the time you are brushing the product in), or in warmer weather conditions. 


It is very important that you ensure the base beneath your paving is permeable prior to applying a permeable product like Joint-It Simple. There is a simple test you can carry out to determine if your pre-existing base is permeable or not. 

Run a hose on your patio area for several minutes. If you see that the water is draining down through the patio over time, then the base is permeable which is what you need. If the water does not drain through and logs on the top of the patio, then it is likely the base is solid and therefore this product will not be suitable. 

Joints must be at least 3mm wide and 25mm deep to apply Joint-It Simple. This is a minimum requirement, but there is no maximum size. The joints can be as big or wide as you like, it will not affect the product performance as long as the minimum measurements have been reached.

All slabs must be fully secure with absolutely no movement in them before applying Joint-It Simple.

To fix rocking or moving patio slabs before applying Joint-It Simple:
1. Remove the paving stone/slab from the patio.
2. Clean or brush away any loose sand and cement underneath.
3. Apply the required amount of Joint-It Slurry Primer to the base and the underside of the slab and reapply the paving slab in place. 


We strongly recommend that you watch our application video before you start the foundations for your paving. 

Before emptying the product out of the bucket, you must saturate your paving with clean water. Then brush Joint-It Simple in to the joints. As you joint your paved area, keep wetting and re-wetting the paving as you work.

Depending on the size of your patio and the weather, Joint-It Simple should take approximately 30-40 minutes to apply to a 30m²/323 sq ft paved area.

It is important to keep the paving slabs wet as you brush-in Joint-It Simple.

To get the best results from Joint-It Simple, joints must be a minimum width of 3mm and a depth of 25mm for the joint to have stability when it is set. Watch our application video to see exactly what the ideal Joint-It Simple joint looks like.

If you are using bevelled paving slabs, the joint must be a minimum width of 3mm at the narrowest point between all of the slabs. 

Joint-It Simple is tightly vacuum packed inside a tough plastic bag to prevent any air from reaching the product before it is ready to be used. Contact with air makes Joint-It Simple harden within a few hours which is why you must soak your paving slabs with lots of water before you open and tip out the bag.

Joint-It Simple is suitable for use with all natural stone and concrete paving slabs including:

  • Porcelain
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Concrete Slabs / Paving
  • Yorkstone
  • Granite
  • Louisiana Stone
  • Oklahoma Stone
  • Quartz

Because Porcelain is a smoother stone it doesn’t absorb water to the same degree as other natural stone products. To get the best results when using Joint-It Simple with Porcelain, we recommend that you keep both the top of the stone paving and the Joint-It Simple product saturated with clean water to make Joint-It Simple flow into the Porcelain joints more easily.

Slate and Granite paving slabs, even those from the same batch, may absorb water at different rates.  When using Joint-It Simple with either granite or slate, pause briefly after soaking your paving, before opening the bucket of Joint-It Simple, to allow time for the stone to absorb the water. You may need to repeat the soaking process. If you notice small dots on your paving slabs, this indicates that part of the slab was of a harder density, and the residue should weather-off over a 3-6 month period.

Because Joint-It Simple is activated when it comes into contact with air, the product hardens more quickly in warmer climates.

At an average temperature of around 20° Celsius, Joint-It Simple should feel hard-to-touch after approximately 4 hours. In cooler climates it should take longer for the product to harden while in warmer climates it should harden more quickly.

The product takes 30 days to fully cure. 


You need 2 brushes to apply Joint-It Simple.

A hard bristle brush is used on the wet paving, to brush the product into the joints, and a soft bristle brush is used to finish the job. Watch our step-by-step video guide to see examples of suitable brushes.

Professional pavers often recommend you use a squeegee on very smooth stone such as granite, because the squeegee makes it easier to joint a smooth stone patio.

Make sure that brushes are clean before you start, and we recommend that you wash off any particles of the product when you have finished to stop it hardening on your brushes.

The paving should not be walked on for approximately 24 hours after application in temperatures of around 20° Celsius. We recommend that you gently test the joints to make sure they have set before walking on the paving. Local weather conditions will determine how quickly Joint-It Simple takes to fully harden/set.

Ensure you apply Joint-It Simple patio jointing compound with at least 3mm width and 25mm depth. Take care to ensure the product is compacted well into the joints. If you have any further questions about this, please contact 


Joint-It Simple can only be used on a permeable base. If the base is completely solid and impermeable, this product will not work. This is because Joint-It Simple is a water permeable product, meaning water is able to move through it. We recommend a hardcore mix of sand and cement at a ratio of 1:6.

If the temperature is forecast to drop near freezing or below freezing within 12 hours of application, Joint-It Simple should not be used, because the water will freeze as it hits the ground making it too difficult to sweep the product into the joints.

If the temperature is above 30°, we recommend that you wait until it is cooler in the evening or early morning before applying Joint-It Simple because water will evaporate too quickly to allow you to brush the product into the joints.

To use Joint-It Simple, joints must be a minimum of 3mm wide and 25mm deep. If joints are smaller than 3mm wide, we would highly recommend using our other product Joint-It Fine.

Joint-It Simple is not suitable for V joints or bevelled slabs. As you can see from the illustration below, there is not enough surface area at the bottom of the V joint to hold Joint-It Simple in place. 

v joints illustration


Unopened, Joint-It Simple should keep for a minimum of 12 months when stored in a cool dry place. It is important to make sure that the bucket is protected from any punctures or piercing as contact with air will start to harden the product.

Any unused Joint-It Simple should be put into the cleaned empty bucket (first having removed the plastic bag and cardboard from the bottom of the bucket) and covered with at least 2 inches of clean water. With the lid closed tightly, the left-over product should keep for approximately 12 weeks. Watch our video to see the correct amount of water to use.

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