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Joint-It Fine

Control weeds in your driveway with our block paving sand

Joint-It Fine Step By Step Guide

Step 1

Sweep sand into clean, dry joints.

Step 2

Sweep off excess sand from the top of the surface.

Step 3

Compact sand into joints using a vibrating/whacker plate.

Step 4

Top up area with more sand to ensure joints are completely filled.

Step 5

Wet paving with a light, fine spray.

Step 6

Wait 5-10 minutes. In temperatures above 15°C, wait only 3-5 minutes.

Step 7

Wash off/remove all excess product from top of bricks. Depending on house water pressure, you may need a small electric power washer.

FAQ’S: Joint-It Fine


Joint-It Fine is a weed resistant paving jointing sand, which has been developed specifically for use with block/brick paving, most commonly used on driveways or more heavily trafficked areas. Where other sands and grouts can crack allowing weeds to flourish, Joint-It Fine is naturally formulated to increase pH levels in the joints to repel weed and windborne weed seed growth in the joints.

It is formulated using 100% natural raw materials stabilised with an innovative, organic binding technology that expands on contact with rain, preventing permanent cracks and repairing any hairline cracks that may have appeared due to normal use and traffic.

It is the perfect product to use for new block paving jobs and for jobs that need rejointing

Joint-It Fine is a paving jointing sand for joints under 3mm, and Joint-It Simple is a paving jointing mortar for joints min 3mm wide and 25mm deep.

Grey & Neutral in 20KG bags.

No. Our jointing sand is completely free of polymers and cement. The reason is, polymer paving jointing sands don’t offer the same flexibility as Joint-It Fine. While they may stop weed growth initially, they won’t continue to self-repair cracks, causing weeds to grow over time. Once activated, a polymer sand remains tightly bound causing cracks to get larger.

The innovative binding technology in Joint-It Fine creates a joint that constantly repairs any small cracks in the joints caused by heavy traffic. Rain swells the 100% raw, organic, natural ingredients in the sand, to consistently repair all microcracks.

The cutting-edge technology used to prevent weed growth raises the pH levels in the joint, preventing weeds from rooting.

Yes Joint-It Fine is an entirely eco-friendly, non-hazardous product. It is made from 100% natural raw materials.

Each bag of Joint-It Fine will cover approximately 9-10m² of block/brick paving where the joints are less than 3mm wide.

Joint-It Fine is suitable for joints UNDER 3MM WIDE. If your joints are larger than 3mm wide, we recommend using Joint-It Simple.


Always test a small hidden portion of the surface before applying Joint-It Fine to the entire area to ensure appearance and performance is acceptable.

Brush away any leaves, debris or heavy growth before use.


  1. Sweep sand into clean and dry joints
  2. Compact the sand with a vibrating plate.
  3. Using a leaf blower, clean away excess product from the surface.
  4. Wet the paving with a light, fine spray.
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes.
  6. Thoroughly soak the paving.

No. Joint-It Fine must be applied in dry weather conditions at temperatures above 2℃. There is no requirement to protect paving from rain after installation.


Joint-It Fine can ONLY be used on a water-permeable base

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